The Wineverse Assets

There are essentially three MAIN yield generating assets in the Wineverse.

1) Wine Points

Wine Points are the yield that investors receive and are backed by real wine value. Each wine point represents $0.01 of value in wine. Wine Points can be exchanged for fractionalized wine NFTs.

2) Fractional Wine NFTs

Fractional wine NFTs represent 1/10th of a bottle of a specific wine. They are more specific (represent a specific bottle) than wine points are full tradable for their underlying value (peer-to-peer) or able to be sold back to WiV for 50% of their market value.

3) Single Bottle NFTs

Single Bottle NFTs are the next continuation of the fractional NFTs. They represent 10 fractional NFTs. Single bottle NFTs can be sold back to WiV at 75% of their value and puts an investor one step closer to earning the big prize, a full case NFT.

4) Full Case Wine NFTs

The final evolution of the Wine NFT is a full case of wine. An investor needs 3, 6, or 12 single bottle NFTs in order to get a full case NFT. These NFTs have many special utilities such as:

  • Ability to sell back to WiV to 100% of their market value

  • Can receive loans on wine

  • Ability to earn investor Badges which provide extra utility

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