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Wiv is a technology company and a community platform made to revolutionize the fine-wine industry. Wiv uses NFT technology to offer wine as an investment product in the same way other asset classes are traded at traditional financial markets. The sections below highlight key aspects around Wiv's plan to create a more modern wine sector and outlines the steps we are undertaking to include fine-wine in any investors diversified portfolio.

Fine-wine as an asset class:

Wine has been one of the worlds oldest and most sought after luxury good. With the economic development the last 20 years fine-wine has gained credibility and become one of the leading alternative asset classes. The market and product dynamics that makes fine-wine such a high performing asset class boils down to the following:

1) Limited Production

2) Price Stability

3) Continuous Consumption

4) Increased Demand

Current fine-wine market problems:

Wiv is addressing the most prevalent challenges in the industry such as:


Fine-wine investment has conventionally not been an accessible product for most people but has been organized through exclusive clubs that either demand a high initial investment or certain standing in our society.


Producers struggle to finance businesses in a world with climate change and rising constantly real estate costs. It's also not possible for collectors or producers to use their wine assets as collaterals to obtain loans. And last, the current marketplaces are not very liquid which creates hesitancy for new investors to enter the space.


The wine sector is a traditional occupation that practically works the same way now as it did 100 or 200 years ago. It's characterized by a very low level of technology particularly around distribution, tracking and provenance. Most advances has been made on aspects such as harvesting, sorting and in the production aspect of Wine. However, on other aspects the level of innovation and improvement has been meager.


Asset history plays a key role in fine-wine because unlike most traditional asset classes it is a consumable. It’s vital to know the history of each asset and due to the low level of innovation in the sector most fine-fine buyers do not know the condition of the wine until its opened.


Fraud is a $3 billion problem that is currently unaddressed.

What is NFTs and why use NFTs for Wine?

NFTs or Non-fungible tokens can be thought of as property in the digital world. This digital property can take many forms such as artwork, in-game items, music/video rights, sports memorabilia, with many more use cases on the horizon. The value proposition of NFTs is still in its infancy but has proven promising for future growth.

NFT for wine is probably one of the best applications of web3 technologies because the inherit advantages that comes through utilizing the technology directly addresses the core problems of the fine-wine industry.

Target users:

We target two different users: 1) The crypto native population that are looking for alternative assets to sustain a diversified portfolio and 2) Existing wine investors that are looking for a more flexible investment product

Our primary target group is the people already buying and selling NFTs. The investment alternatives a cryptocurrency or NFT trader currently has are quite limited. Typically it involves investing in more cryptocurrencies or staking the assets, which involves locking them up for any given point off time. With Wiv Wine NFTs we are providing a new options, the option to invest cryptocurrency back to the "fiat" economy through wine. In addition to the two aforementioned groups of people, Wiv also target and collaborates with producers in both supply and wine financing.

The Future of Wiv

The future of Wiv is fully dependent on the community. We are executing on our current roadmap and expect to fulfill everything we have there within Q3 2022. Beyond that point it is challenging to predict where this will take us. Please refer to our roadmap to follow our current progress.

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