Wiv Technology

What is Wiv

Wiv is an investment community and technology provider for the global fine-wine industry. A company that facilitates buying and selling wines on blockchain using NFT technology. Our NFTs represent underlying wine assets that are stored in a centralized warehouse under optimal conditions. Our NFT Wine assets can be bought and sold on various decentralized marketplaces, such as Opensea and Venly.
Wiv is a project that with time will be developed further and governed by its community through $WIVA incentives, and will evolve further through new ideas and engagement through a democratic governance model.
With Wiv users can:
  • Invest in and collect wine using crypto
  • Monitor the performance of your assets through our digital wine cellar
  • Obtain Liquidity on your wine assets Participate Learn more about the winemaking process and fine-wine investing
  • Meet likeminded people through our wine community
  • Participate in exclusive tasting, dinners or wine tours
  • Enter the metaverse and play our wine game

Learn More

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