Company and Product Overview

Description of all Wiv products


The Industry pegged token for the WiV wine ecosystem. WiVA is the goverance and utility token in our ecosystem and represents access to our tokenized wine club.

Wine NFTs

Tokenized cases of wine in the form of an NFT. The wine NFT should be treated as a long term investment asset with the ability to redeem the wine if interested. These wines are directly traded on our proprietary marketplace. You can trade our NFT wine directly here.

Wiv Collectibles:

Collections of a bundle of vintages as a wrapped NFT product. These collections will be sourced from highly sought-after producers and will generally have a 3-7 year investment life and can be sold on a liquid secondary market.

Bored Wine Co.

Collaborations with NFT communities to brand and produce wines for those communities. Our goal is to eventually turn this product line into a WiVA community owned winery. You can visit us here.


Wiv is building virtual experiences around wine that can be discovered from your smartphone or computer. As of today, Wiv has a strategy revolving around the different metaverses with presence in the Sandbox, Cryptovoxels and Decentraland.

Georgian Wine Consortium:

The Georgian Consortium is a public private partnership initiated to promote Georgian wine makers and Georgian wine. Wiv is the technology provider and industry advisor for this consortium. The first development will take place through establishing a Wine DAO for the industry participants and develop a "gold standard" for winemakers in aspects such as production, quality, technology, marketing and more.

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