How To Purchase a WiV Wine NFT

1) Buy Cryptocurrency: Join a cryptocurrency marketplace (coinbase, binance, gemini, ect.) and fund your account.

2) Purchase Ethereum: Convert your fiat currency (USD, GBP, EURO, ect.) into Ethereum tokens called ETH.

3) Get a Cryptocurrency Wallet: Once you have your ETH, go to and click on the wallet in the tope right corner. Download and create a metamask account, save your seed phrase somewhere safe, find your public address (under your account name, it should say copy to clipboard when you hover over it), copy the address and then simply send your ETH from the centralized exchange (part 2) into your metamask account.

IMPORTANT (preferably send it using the polygon network because the fees are much cheaper and it will make it easier to purchase your WiV Wine NFT without incurring extra fees. It may take up to 5 minutes for your ETH to appear in your wallet.)

3) Opensea: Once you have the ETH in your metamask wallet the next step is to connect your metamask wallet in the top right corner. Now you are all set up!

4) Next go to the WIV Legacy Collection, find an NFT that is for sale, and purchase it with your available ETH. If you did not transfer your ETH to the polygon network you may need to bridge your ETH over during the transaction which will cause an extra fee on the Ethereum network. (Move everything over to polygon network if you can, the more transactions from ETH to poygon the more fees.)

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