The WIVA Protocol

WIVA Governance

The governance of the $WIVX protocol will be managed by WiV Technology and governed by $WIVA.
$WIVA token holders, who also own $WIVX will be able to vote on how $WIVX is run based on how much $WIVA they own. The $WIVA Dao will vote on rewards, pricing oracles, asset strategies, what to accept as collateral, system upgrades, and what chains to adopt. WiV Technology will provide treasury management, data analytics, industry insights, and technology proposals as the management team under $WIVA.

WIVA Treasury

All revenues created by $WIVX will be distributed and held within the $WIVA treasury. These revenues are from the creation and management of the protocol not from the sale of the underlying assets. The $WIVA treasury will act as the protocol treasury securing assets like NFTs, LP tokens, WIVX tokens, and $WIVA all coming from revenues of the different ecosystem verticals. The $WIVA treasury will be governed by the $WIVA community and the community will vote on the best ways to reinvest into the protocol to expand its user base and create more real-world value.