The WIVX treasury will be made up of wine NFT investment assets, LP tokens, wine collateral for loans, and a small amount of stable coins (used to pay for expenses). Collateralized loans will be provided to wine NFT holders whose assets are deposited into the $WIVX protocol acceptable blueprint defined by the $WIVA community. This protocol will be the first-ever lending platform for wine and other real-world assets.
By depositing wine NFTs into the platform, the borrower will receive the value of the loan in the form of $WIVX, which will then be able to be staked, added to liquidity pools, exchanged, or used in other DeFi capacities. Think about the compounded returns that are possible by simply holding wine, the risks are minimal and the upside is endless.

We do it for you!

$WIVX is backed by highly investible wines, chosen by WiV Technology’s unique data-centric selection method and validated by experts. Most of these assets are difficult for the average investor to acquire, so we purchase them and offer partial ownership to investors looking for exposure to a highly returning diversification asset.

Fully Transparent

Our unique smart-contract vault mechanism allows us to offer a fully transparent product for our investors while being fully decentralized, run, and managed by the $WIVA community.
All assets in the $WIVX treasury will be listed on a public dashboard that will be available on our web app.

Why Wine?

Over the last 20 years, wine has been the highest performing asset class with the lowest volatility. In basic terms, Wine is the most stable and best-performing asset to invest in.

This is because:

1) Wine is scarce and only becomes more scarce over time.
2) Wine gets better with age and therefore becomes more coveted.
3) Growing global demand for wine.
Traditionally, wine has been an exclusive club, not accessible to the ordinary investor, but $WIVX is changing the game. WiV technology has a network and breadth of experience in the wine industry and is now offering all of that expertise to the world in the form of the $WIVX token.
Despite the attractive returns, wine investing can be a complex and expensive business. $WIVX is an opportunity to invest in a fund that is backed by physical investible wines selected by data and experts.

Structural risks with the current Stablecoin ecosystem:

The current Defi and crypto ecosystem is propped up on the centralized entities offering stable coins backed by USD. If one of these large entities fails to live up to its promise or fails during a bank run, many crypto investors could be at risk to lose everything they have.
$WIVX can act as an alternative to traditional USD-backed stable assets. These assets are already exposed to inflation and have the potential to cause systematic risk. With too much exposure to stable coins, investors and protocols could collapse.
$WIVX tokens offer investors uncorrelated diversification to the current crypto ecosystem while becoming a key ingredient for Defi products to be built upon. Wine is not affected by inflation, it is actually deflationary, nor does it have risks of losing all of its worth.

How do I participate in WIVX?

Anyone can participate in the $WIVX protocol. There are three main ways to benefit from $WIVX:
  1. 1.
    Own $WIVA: WIVA holders will govern the $WIVX protocol and be rewarded through staking and earning protocol revenues extract from the WIVA treasury.
  2. 2.
    Own a WiV wine NFT: WiV wine NFT owners can deposit their wine NFTs into $WIVX as collateral and take out a loan on their wine.
  3. 3.
    Own $WIVX tokens independently: WIVX tokens on their own will steadily appreciate over time as the value of the underlying assets appreciate. As the value in the WIVX treasury increases vs the outstanding tokens, WIVX tokens will also appreciate.

Who created WIVX?

WIVX was ideated and created by WiV Technology.

Who runs WIVX?

The $WIVX protocol is governed by the $WIVA DAO.
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