What is $WIVA?

$WIVA is the governance and utility token for the entire WiV protocol and ecosystem. WiV Technology, the founding company of $WIVA, is a technology organisation constructing a web 3 real-world asset ecosystem built around wine as an investment asset.
$WIVA holders will be able to participate in growing this ecosystem through governing and deciding on:
  • Protocol changes
  • WIVA treasury decisions
  • Pricing oracles
  • Asset allocation strategies for WIVX (WIVA & WIVX owners)
  • Wine DAO
  • Game development
  • Any new verticals
Aside from being the governance token, $WIVA will also act as a utility and currency for the wine ecosystem of the future. Once we develop our own wine marketplace $WIVA and $WIVX will be the chosen means of exchange for wine assets. By holding $WIVA and spending $WIVX customers will also be able to receive discounts on wine assets from the market price.


An integral aspect of the WiV protocol is the WIVX reserve currency which will be the DeFi platform that helps provide liquidity to wine NFT assets and offers its holders access to an appreciate reserve currency backed by wine assets. Learn more about WIVX here.

Guides: Jump right in

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