$WIVA Governance

The $WIVA tokens primary purpose is to act as a goverance token for the WiV protocol. All $WIVA token holders will be able to vote on proposed protocal changes, decisions, or anything else via the Aragon platform.
As $WIVA becomes more and more decentralized through the distribution of $WIVA tokens through staking the entire protocol will slowly become a DAO run and governed by its members. This DAO will be in charge of everything from WIVX to the Sandbox game. Below is a list of potential WIVA DAO verticals that WIVA holders will have voting power over:
  • WIVX
  • Bored Wine Co. (Wine DAO)
  • The Sandbox Game
  • Wine Pricing Oracle
  • Wineshard NFT community
  • $WIVA Treasury
  • Introduction of new potential verticals